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Late last fall, Patreon released a WordPress plugin that allows users to integrate Patreon subscriptions into their WordPress-based sites, and since then, I’ve been slowly rethinking how I want to operate this site and my Patreon campaign, and slowly putting things together.

Well, now the process is nearing completion. Soon, I’ll be putting up content exclusively on, and no longer using In fact, the new site is already up and basically functional, and you can visit it now—it just needs some tweaking in terms of style, and I haven’t instated the new organizational scheme I’m planning yet, nor added in the new Patreon plugin functionalities. But go on over, see what it’s like!

As for those functionalities, I will be transitioning to a model where I make much of my content available only to Patreon patrons, but will leave some out for non-patrons. I haven’t settled on the final details, but that’s the basic idea.




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