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It’s Here!

Ta daa! TL; DR: A Redditwriters Mixtape is finally available on Amazon! Head on over to get your copy, and please, please leave reviews (especially if you like it) and spread the word. All proceeds go to charity, so the more people who buy it, the better.

And yes, there will soon be a print version on Createspace. We’re having some difficulties on the technical end of things, so expect that in a few days.

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Late last fall, Patreon released a WordPress plugin that allows users to integrate Patreon subscriptions into their WordPress-based sites, and since then, I’ve been slowly rethinking how I want to operate this site and my Patreon campaign, and slowly putting things together.

Well, now the process is nearing completion. Soon, I’ll be putting up content exclusively on, and no longer using In fact, the new site is already up and basically functional, and you can visit it now—it just needs some tweaking in terms of style, and I haven’t instated the new organizational scheme I’m planning yet, nor added in the new Patreon plugin functionalities. But go on over, see what it’s like!

As for those functionalities, I will be transitioning to a model where I make much of my content available only to Patreon patrons, but will leave some out for non-patrons. I haven’t settled on the final details, but that’s the basic idea.



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Zombie Gangnam Style

A little bit of silliness to start the day:

I was researching proper punctuation with quotation marks, and found these examples:

Bob snorted and said, “I don’t believe in zombies”―right before thirty of them emerged from the tunnel.

Her favorite song was “Gangnam Style”; she spent weeks trying to learn the dance.

Kind of mundane, in the end. I think they could be spruced up a bit:

Bob snorted and said, “I don’t believe in zombies”―right before thirty of them emerged from the tunnel. Their favorite song was “Gangnam Style,” and they had spent weeks trying to learn the dance.

I’m envisioning a gaggle of K-pop-loving undead eager to come out to the world. They decide the best way to do so would be to put together a group choreography, maybe get it filmed and put online in the hopes it’ll go viral, so they work it out and practice and practice and practice, making sure to get all the steps just right. They even find the perfect rehearsal space—a cold, underground room off an abandoned tunnel, where they won’t disturb anyone or be disturbed themselves, and where decomposition will be limited. They work hard, and finally, after weeks, they’re ready to emerge and show the world what they’ve got. And then, when they do, what happens? People like Bob are stunned and everyone thinks there’s a zombie outbreak and panics.

Those poor, rotting souls.

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Hi all! Patreon has just added a new feature to their mobile app, one that allows me to easily take photos and short videos of what goes on behind the scenes here at Self + Pen (hint: it sounds a lot like “typetypetypetype”). They’re calling the feature “Lens”, and each lens I post is available for 24 hours before being deleted automatically. I’ve just posted one to test—nothing exciting, just a photo of a site error I got while trying to migrate the website. But I’m going to keep posting them from time to time as additional content available to all patrons. So sign up and sign in for more goodies!

And yes, that means I am actually in the process of moving the site. It will hopefully be done very soon!

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The Asura Trilogy – Preview

I’m working on a novel. Well, really, a series—a trilogy and a spinoff duology—inspired by this Reddit writing prompt. The basic premise is that humanity, having spread into the solar system, begins to explore other star systems. We establish a small handful of colonies and encounter a few so-far-peaceful alien species. Then, without apparent warning, one of the colonies is destroyed in an attack that seems to originate from one of the species, but involves a previously unknown and enormously powerful being—the species’ god, or one of them. Humanity retaliates, but finds that it is difficult to fight a god with conventional weapons. In defense and as a means of striking back, a team is outfitted with strange weaponry and equipment reverse-engineered from the technology left by another, long-vanished alien civilization. Their actions and the consequences thereof will lead humanity to ethically treacherous ground, and uncomfortable questions about the nature of the universe and its place in it, as well as its own status vis à vis its religious or spiritual beliefs.

The general idea is to have a trilogy exploring the initial response and the beginning of a multi-system war, unforeseen consequences on both members of the strike team and on certain alien civilizations, and the ultimate unfolding of the enormous changes humanity’s arrival on the interstellar scene provoke. And, in the midst of it all, a two-book spinoff series following a search for more remnants of the vanished alien civilization, in the hopes that it will provide both answers to some troubling questions and additional technological advantage for humanity. This search will ultimately have important consequences for the resolution of the original trilogy; it will occur simultaneous to the second and third books.

I’ll be posting previews—character sketches, technology concepts and descriptions, and glimpses of the world as I build it—for patrons over at my Patreon page. So if this kind of thing interests you and you’re not already a site supporter, head on over and sign up to check it out!

For those who aren’t already in the know, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows creators of all types to receive regular monthly support from their fans. Unlike Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and many other such sites (which do one-shot campaigns for individual projects, usually of large scope), Patreon campaigns are ongoing and support the creators’ entire set of activities, rather than just one project. As such, reward thresholds for donations are much lower, and recurring. The result is a sort of monthly salary for producing beautiful, interesting, and useful things. Curious? Check it out.